Come join us as we explore the
    magnificent coasts, rich marshlands
    and deltas, majestic mountains,
    great rivers and surprising deserts of
    California in search of birds, wildlife
    and spectacular scenery.
    Nature Trip offers year around
    adventures focusing primarily on
    natural history including the over 500
    species of birds documented in the
    state as well as over 200 species
    of marine and land mammals that
    reside or visit golden California. With
    an awesome diversity of habitats and
    vast array of micro-climates, there
    are endless opportunities to see &
    experience California’s wildlife. We
    want to share with you our favorite
    and very special places that we have
    discovered over the past 25 years
    exploring California.
It's A Wild World Out There

                                                           California Is Wild!

Are you a visitor looking for a natural adventure?  California has it all: within it’s nearly 160,000 square miles are 9 national
parks, 20 national forests ( including 55 protected wilderness areas), 30 national wildlife refuges, 4 national marine
sanctuaries, over 200 state parks and beaches and the very accessible Point Reyes National Seashore. The Sierra Nevada,
rising to almost 15,000 feet is the highest mountain range in the contiguous United States, while the lowest point on the North
American continent at 282 feet below sea level, is less than 150 miles away in Death Valley. California grows the largest trees
on the planet (Giant Sequoia), the tallest trees on the planet (Redwood) and the oldest trees on the planet (Bristlecone Pine at
4700 years). This area is a natural phenomenon wonderland. It holds the highest species diversity in all of North America. Of
5000 native plants, more than one third are endemic. Roughly one-half of the insect species and many birds and mammal
species only occur here. There are three separate desert regions, volcanoes, active geothermal fields, mountain glaciers,
1200 miles of coastline plus an additional 300 miles of shoreline on the Farallon and Channel Island groups.

After many years of touring we realize each day in the field brings unique experiences. While bird life and photography are our
passions, we are always on the lookout for whatever nature may offer us. On past trips in the Golden State we have been able
to observe a wide variety of animals including: California sea lions, Harbor Seals, dolphins, California Gray Whales,
Humpback Whales, Elephant Seals, Sea Otters, River Otters, Coyotes, Foxes, Black Bears, Bobcats, many species of deer,
and even Mountain Lion.

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