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    Wildlife Photography – Serious wildlife photography requires serious gear.
    Occasionally, with good lighting, a steady hand and a little luck, one can get great images
    of wildlife using a low power (70 to 200mm) lens, but more often, without a little more mm
    and little less F stop, the images are just too blurry or the subject too small for a quality
    print. Also, when capturing images of wildlife, especially rare or marginalized species, it’s
    very important to not have to get so close to the subject that it agitates them or causes
    them to flush if you can at all help it.  
    Wildlife photography requires more patience than bird and wildlife watching. Getting good
    results is a combination of great gear, being at the right place at the right time,  
    experience with outdoor lighting situations and certain amount of luck. If you think a
    Landscape and/or Wildlife Photography Excursion is for you, then consider combining it
    with a Full or Multi-day trip. We have some great gear available and the experience to
    lead you to the best places at the most opportune times. During these trips we discuss
    and train you on the usage of the equipment and how to use the natural lighting situations
    presented to us to get great results.

    Nikon equipment we use with rental rates while on a Nature Trip include:

    35 mm Nikon Digital SLR D100 or equivalent 6.1 Million Pixel CCD w/ 1GB memory card
                   Daily Rate $85.00  Weekly Rate  $210.00
    35 mm Nikon N90S or equivalent SLR Film Camera (we'll recommend the film for you)
                   Daily Rate  $22.00  Weekly Rate $66.00
    Nikon Digital Coolpix 4500 Digital zoom w/ 1GB memory - for Digi-scoping (tripod mount
                   Daily Rate   $18.00  Weekly Rate $55.00

    AF Nikkor 18mm F2.8 w/ UV filter
                   Daily Rate $44.00    Weekly Rate $100.00
    AF Zoom-Nikkor 28-85mm F3.5-4.5 w/ UV  filter
                   Daily Rate $20.00    Weekly Rate $55.00
    AF Zoom-Nikkor ED 70-300mm F4.5-5.6D w/ UV  filter
                   Daily Rate  $28.00   Weekly Rate  $84.00
    AF VR Zoom-Nikkor ED 80-400mm F4.5-5.6D w/ UV filter
                   Daily Rate   $66.00  Weekly Rate  $155.00
    AF-S ED 400mm F2.8 silent wave lens w/ 2X tele-convertor
    (2X tele-convertor for this lens converts to 800mm F5.6)
    Note: this last lens weighs 10 lbs.! - Requires Medium or Large Tripod
                    Daily Rate   $112.00  Weekly Rate $325.00

    Medium Tripod:
    Daily Rate $15.00   Weekly Rate $40.00 - required for AF-S ED 400mm lens

    CD of the Digital Images:
    We will download, transfer and burn the digital images that you have taken and provide
    you with a CD or DVD.
           CD    $15.00each
           DVD $25.00each
           Ground shipping $5.00 (Note: express shipping also available)

    Equipment renters accept full responsibility for any loss or damage when equipment is in
    their control. Insurance for the equipment is the responsibility of the renter.
Wildlife Photography Excursions