Participation in the monitoring of species and the
    protection/restoration of habitat is critical to the well-being of the
    wild things we love. And besides, we’ve found out just how fun and
    rewarding it can really be. Over the years we have met many
    fascinating people participating on conservation projects. The
    groups we like the best are the ones that focus on getting
    volunteers to perform citizen science and actual hands-on activities
    like restorations and monitoring.

    Here are five fun and (usually) easy things you can do:
    1.  Join your local chapter of the Audubon Society.
    2.  Plant for wildlife: Grow plants that attract native birds and
    butterflies where you live.
    3. Share what you know with friends & family.
    4. Volunteer with your favorite local conservation group – Mitigate
    non-native plants and animals, participate in habitat restoration,
    monitoring of migration patterns of birds, clean up days, etc.
    5.  Provide a clean water supply for birds.

    Conservancy Organizations:
    Golden Gate Audubon Society
    Golden Gate Audubon is dedicated to protecting Bay Area birds, other
    wildlife and their natural habitats. Golden Gate Audubon Society works to
    conserve and restore wildlife habitat, connect people of all ages and
    backgrounds with the natural world, and educate and engage Bay Area
    residents in the protection of our shared, local environment.

    Golden Gate Raptor Observatory
    The mission of the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory is to study migrating
    birds of prey along the Pacific coast and to promote public awareness of
    the state of raptor populations. The GGRO is dedicated to the
    conservation of raptors and to community involvement in wildlife research.
    Their studies of the movements of hawks through the Golden Gate
    National Recreation Area demonstrate that biological boundaries extend
    far beyond political boundaries. The GGRO is a project of the Golden
    Gate National Park's Association and the National Park Service, and is
    made up of 250+ community volunteers and a small staff.

    The Hungry Owl Project The mission of The Hungry Owl Project is to
    reduce the need for harmful pesticides & rodenticides by encouraging
    natural predators, through conservation of habitat, erecting nest boxes
    when appropriate, through research & education, and by providing a
    resource of help and information on alternative methods of sustainable
    pest management.

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