If you have three or more days to spend with us, then get set for real
    wild west adventures of the sort that can make memories of a lifetime.
    Each year we venture to the more distant corners of the Golden State
    and beyond to witness fascinating wildlife migrations, stunning
    landscapes and experience the richness of the cultures of the folks
    that make up this diverse region. You can contact us regarding our
    Suggested Multi-day Trip Itineraries or, with advance notice, we will
    customize a trip package specifically for you and your group.

    By prior arrangement, Digital Photography equipment is available
    for hire for your use during photography excursions.

    Multi Day Trip Accommodations & Food – To enjoy our days in the
    field to the fullest, we know it’s important to sleep well and to eat very
    well. Lodging is chosen not only for proximity to the natural locations
    we visit, but also for comfort and friendliness of staff. All rooms include
    private bathroom. Often times, some of the best experiences are
    within hiking distance of the lodge itself. And delicious food: California
    is one of the largest agricultural districts in the world with a wonderful
    seasonal variety of fresh produces, seafood & wines.

    Suggested Itineraries with best times to go:

  • Pacific Flyway refuges and reserves (Nov.-March)
  • Klamath Basin (Sept.-Feb.)
  • Mono Basin (June-Oct.)
  • Monterey Bay to Big Sur (May-Dec.)
  • Lost Coast/Redwood National Park (May-Oct.)
  • Salton Sea and Anza-Borrega (Sept.-Mar.)
  • Death Valley (Oct.-April)
  • Sierra-Nevada Mountains (May-Oct.)
  • Southwestern Deserts (Mar.-May)

    Contact us for more information on a Multi-Day Trip as the prices
    vary based upon locations visited, number of days and season.  


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    Items you might want to

    Depending upon the
    season, there may be a
    few personal items you
    would like to take
    along.  We recommend:

  Sunglasses – even if
it's not clear and sunny,
UV sunglasses can help
with glare on water or fog
and keep your eyes
rested and ready for the
magic moments when the
wildlife appears. Excellent
for looking into rivers and
tide pools as well.
  Sun protection and a
hat – some of the worst
sunburns happen to folks
in the winter in California
and it can catch up with
you any time of year.
  Jacket or sweater –
Along the coast, even in
the middle of the summer
it’s always a good idea to
keep something warm to
slip on. While Samuel
Clemens has been
famously misquoted, “the
coldest winter I ever spent
was a summer in San
Francisco”, seems not far
from the truth when the
marine layer has its’ way.
  Comfortable walking
shoes or hiking boots.

  A complete pre-trip
information package
and suggested items
will be provided specific
to the location and season
chosen for multi-day trips.
Audubon Binoculars
Multi Day Trips