Dear Nature Trip:

    As newcomers to 'birding' we weren't sure what to expect from our first trip. We love nature and wildlife, and we
    have developed an interest in birds by watching activity at backyard feeders and through casual observations as
    we traveled. But, we had never actually gone bird watching before.

    The guides introduced us to a whole new and fascinating world. Our trip with them to the mountains gave us the
    opportunity to observe birds we never see in our home state of Kentucky. It is loads of fun to learn the techniques
    of stealthy approaches, wildlife photography and identification of bird species. Every step is done with total respect
    for nature - they took great care to avoid disturbing the animals we observed or their habitats - and with a sense of
    fun and adventure.

    On our trip we had many successful sightings, from soaring bald and golden eagles, to a strutting and puffing male
    blue grouse, the beautiful mountain bluebird, to the nervy stellar jay that tried to crash our picnic. We know this
    was just a taste of the fun of birding and the amazing diversity of birds. Our next trip with you is already being
    planned! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    S.& M.B. - Louisville, KY

    The highlights of the trip for me were:

    - Fascinating information about the local history of the area during drive to various trail heads. Very congenial,
    interesting, and informative leaders! Very smoothly executed, with plenty of opportunities for restroom stops, and
    making the guests feel like every need or want was met.
    -The trip was well-paced, with opportunities to hike, view scenery from the van, pleasant picnic. Great lunch,
    wonderful location chosen. Great extras, like snacks, hot tea, water in the car.
    - Nature Trip provided the necessary equipment needed for viewing birds and wildlife, including a spotting scope
    that was set up quickly and a comfortable van.
    - There was a wide diversity, from field birds, to water birds, to flying owls. Introduced a new level of "seeing" birds
    and wildlife while hiking as well as an impressive knowledge about species of birds.
    - Opportunity to photograph using excellent equipment.

    C.T. - San Francisco, CA


    Thank you for the fun excursion yesterday! There's no question about the abundance of species we got to see,
    what an amazing day!  You produced an overall beneficial educational and entertaining experience.

    D.C.S.- San Francisco, CA

    Thank you so much.  You guys were great.  The kids were still talking about it Monday at school.  I have some nice
    photos which I'll send you.  

    J.D. - Buena Vista Elementary School, San Francisco, CA